Content Finder Extension for Chrome

TINT's Content Finder Chrome extension allows you to request rights to any post on Instagram.  We host legal terms, check for approvals, and get the highest quality images to power your UGC marketing.

How to Install the Extension

1) Navigate to the TINT Extension on the Chrome Web Store using Chrome browser. Once on the TINT extension page, click "Add to Chrome" to begin installing the extension.




Getting Started with the Extension


Once the Content Finder Extension is installed, you should notice a TINT icon on the Extensions Bar on Chrome. You can learn more about managing your extensions here.


To use the extension to Request Rights:

1) Click on the TINT Extension Icon and Log In to your TINT AccountNote: if you are already logged in you may be able to skip this step.


2) Select a TINT to begin requesting rights. Any content from approved rights requests will be added to the TINT that you select. You can change the selected TINT at any time from the TINTs dropdown list.

Screen_Shot_2018-12-11_at_2.04.16_PM.png           Screen_Shot_2018-12-11_at_2.07.09_PM.png

3) Navigate to a post on Instagram. You can search for a hashtag or location from using the search bar at the top of Instagram's web experience. Be sure to navigate to a single post for the TINT Extension to work properly.


4) Click on the TINT extension icon again. You should see a blue banner on the extension listing the TINT that you have selected. If not you will need to select a TINT before requesting rights. Once you click on the extension, you will see a drop-down to select a premade comment or create a new one. Choose a comment or create a new one.


5) Next, Click to Copy Comment, once copied the button will change to "Copied."


6) Paste the copied comment into the comments field on the post. You should notice the selected comment and the required text for hashtag approval and legal terms. Note: You may need to set up your legal terms and hashtag by using our Rights Mangement features in the TINT editor.


7) Post the comment. Your request has now been sent to that post's author. TINT handles the rest of the process to ensure that when an approval action happens you will gain expanded rights to that post's content. Learn more about Rights Mangement.




Accessing Content with the Extension

A secondary feature within the TINT Content Finder Extension allows you to access rights acquired content directly from the extension. You can get a link to or download the image and even access the author information.

1) Install and Login to the extension by following the steps above.

2) Select a TINT to access. Any content from approved rights requests will be available in the extension.

Screen_Shot_2018-12-11_at_2.04.16_PM.png           Screen_Shot_2018-12-11_at_2.07.09_PM.png


3) Click "View Assets" to access the content on your selected TINT.


4) Your rights approved content will load. If you have no rights approved content, request rights to some posts from Instagram.  Hover over the post that you would like to access. You can now select an option to Copy Image URL, Copy Author, or Download the Image.


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