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The changes to Instagram's API in April 2018 made it so that any Instagram Account (@handle) connections added to TINT require the credentials/token for that account (learn more about access tokens). There are many reasons why you might not have the login credentials (username and password) for an account you would like to add. Now you can add your Account and easily send a link to the credential holder.

How to Add an Account and Request Credentials

1) Add a New Instagram Connection and choose the Account connection type


2) Click +Add Your Account and a new window should appear that allows you to choose between Logging in to an Account (if you have the credentials) or to Request Account Access to an account for which you do not have the credentials.


3) Click Request Account Access  to see a new input asking for the Account Username or @handle. Enter in the username you would like to connect to TINT to aggregate from and click Generate Request Link.


, the link will be copied and the window will close. Simply Paste the link into an email or other communication channel to someone who has the credentials for that account.


5) Send the link with your method of choice (like email, Slack, etc.).


NOTE: TINT does not store any passwords for any social accounts. We use Instagram's OAuth method to get a token which only allows us to collect posts from the Account. 

Approving the Access Request

When the intended recipient navigates to the link that was generated the name of the requested Account is listed along with a button that opens an Instagram Oauth window. Once the Oauth is completed, the connection inside of TINT will be active. We will send an email to the TINT user when the credentials are collected and the TINT connection is actively aggregating new content.



Pending Connections

After a request URL has been generated, the Connected Account will be added to the Connections list in the left side bar of the TINT Editor. The Connection is "greyed out" in a Pending state because it will not yet pull any content.


If you would like to Regenerate the Request URL you can simply click on the Screen_Shot_2018-06-14_at_5.18.53_PM.png icon and copy the URL again.








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