Widen + TINT Integration

Widen & TINT users, welcome! Our TINT integration with Widen allows you to seamlessly push user-generated content from TINT into your Widen Digital Asset Manager when UGC rights are granted. 

In order to setup the Widen <> TINT integration, please follow the steps below and bring in your Widen administrator & TINT user.

Setup needed on the Widen Platform side

  1. Login to Widen and navigate to the Admin Panel (under Assets)
  2. Under Search Settings on left panel, click on Metadata Types
  3. Click on ‘+ Create Type as shown below 
  1. Add a Label and name it “TINT Metadata type
  2. On the next screen, you will see the option to Create Metadata Fields. Please create the fields listed below by clicking on the ‘Create Field button and use the proper display name and types.
Display Name
TINT Caption
Text Field
TINT Author Handle
Text Field
TINT Post Created Date
Date Field
TINT Post Approved Date
Date Field
TINT Hue Tags
Text Field
Text Field


  1. After entering in each display name and type, configure the field settings on the right hand side to your organization’s rules and preferences. 
  2. Once you finish adding the metadata fields, follow the instructions below
    1. Click Asset Upload Profiles under Upload Settings in the left navigation.
    2. Click ‘+ Create Upload Profile.
    3. Choose an upload profile name, set the metadata type to “TINT Metadata Type” (created in step #4), and asset group to assign uploaded assets to. 
    4. For any other rules and organizational preferences, set release and expiration dates, choose if assets should be archived upon upload, select version preferences for conflicting uploads, and choose asset groups, categories, and global collections assets should be uploaded to.
    5. Click Create.
    6. Select the appropriate permission for each role for the upload profile on the Permissions page.
    7. Click Return to Upload Profiles.
  3.  After setting up the upload profile, we need to generate the Access Token. Please follow the steps below to generate the Access Token - 
    1. Navigate to Admin Panel (upper left drop down, select Admin) then go to Global Settings on the left-hand side. 
    2. Within those Global Settings options, click on API Setup (assuming this feature is turned on). Once that page loads, you can either register a new API integration or generate a user access token under an existing one. 
    3. A small dialog presents the admin with their shiny new token, and also offers a download link to get a txt file with the same information. (We generally recommend creating an API account user and give it all the permissions, so that they can build an API integration and get the most out of it, as opposed to running into permission issues or having the token tied to a specific user that may or may not get their account expired/deleted down the road (thus deactivating the token and breaking things)). 
  4. All done for Widen platform setup. Great job! Just need to finish TINT platform setup next. 

Setup needed on the TINT Platform side

  1. Log into your TINT account and navigate to the Marketing Integrations under ‘Dashboards’, then click on Setup Integration next to Widen Collective:
  1. Enter the Upload Profile (this is the upload profile you created in step 7b) and Access Token for your Widen Collective account. You should be able to get these from your Widen administrator.
  1.  Click Save and you’re done! From now on, all photos inside TINT that are marked as UGC rights granted will automatically be uploaded to your Widen account.


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