Instagram Rate Limits

Due to the Instagram changes that were announced recently, all apps using the Instagram API, including TINT, will only be able to make 200 requests an hour per token (a significant reduction from the previous limit of 5000 requests per hour). Due to this change, some of the TINTs may not receive updates consistently. There are a couple of reasons why this might affecting some TINTs:
  • You might have connected a large number of Instagram Feeds 
  • You might have a single token associated with a large number of feeds
  • You might have connected high volume hashtags (for e.g, #neywork, #cats)
Here are the next steps to ensure the impact is minimized - 
  1. Log in to TINT 
  2. Open the Instagram token manager -
  3. Add any Instagram Accounts you own
  4. Optional: If you’ve connected any high volume hashtags like (#newyork, #cats), we recommend you to disconnect them and replace it with a hashtag that is more relevant to your brand. 
How does this help?
Every time you add an account to the token manager, Instagram generates a unique token - tokens are required to make requests to Instagram on your behalf. Any time we hit a rate limit (currently 200 requests per token), we will cycle through your tokens to ensure we keep updating your feeds.
Let us know at if you need help with the above steps. 
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