Using TINT with BroadSign

BroadSign users, welcome! It is now easier than ever to display your TINT via BroadSign. Follow the below steps to get set up, and let us know if you have any questions! 

1) Log in to your TINT dashboard. Find the TINT you would like to display and click the "View" icon. This will open your TINT in a new tab. Save the URL of this new tab for Step 3.


2) Log into BroadSign Control (previously BroadSign Administrator):


3) Navigate to the "Ad Copies" menu, right click on "Ad Copies", and select New "Web Redirect File":


4) Add an Ad Copy Name and paste the URL for your TINT from Step 1. Then, click Finish:


5) You are now ready to use your newly created Ad Copy from Step 4 in your BroadSign system! To learn how to do this, see the BroadSign Control QuickStart Guide 

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