Automated Moderation

Automated Moderation gives you the ability to set up rules to moderate content automatically before it’s pulled in to your TINT. This is great for running live events where you want to make sure only appropriate content is making it to your display.

Auto Moderation is a standard feature for all Enterprise, Performance, and Premium Event plans. Please note that right now only Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram support Auto Moderation. We're working on enabling Auto Moderation for the rest of our networks, so stay tuned!

Enabling Auto Moderation

To enable Auto Moderation on a TINT, click the "Add Rules" button that appears in the upper right-hand side of the screen when you’re viewing the CONTENT panel:

A popup will load where you can start adding automoderation rules.

Types of Auto Moderation

  • Block User (automatically reject all incoming posts from a specific user)
  • Whitelist User (automatically approve incoming posts from a specific user, bypassing the Private Posts queue if moderation is enabled on a connection)
  • Block Keyword (automatically reject posts that contain specific words that you choose)
  • Upload Blacklists (allows you to upload bulk Block User and Block Keyword lists, formatted in a CSV file). You can also enable keyword blocking using our pre-built vulgar words list
  • Image Filter (automatically remove most posts with nude images)

Block User

The Block User tab allows you to block posts made by specific users. Simply enter the desired username you wish to block, and then click "Block Username":


You can also easily access the Block User function directly from the CONTENT panel in the TINT Editor, by clicking the More Options button (...) above any post, and then selecting "Block User":

Whitelist User

The Whitelist User tab allows you to automatically approve posts made by specific users. This is useful when you have moderation enabled on a connection (like a public hashtag), but have specific influencers/accounts that you know are always posting content you want to showcase.

Just like Block User, simply enter the desired username, and then click "Whitelist Username":


Block Keyword

The Block Keyword tab allows you to block posts that contain specific words. Simply enter the word(s) you'd like blocked, and then click "Block Keyword":


User & Keyword Blacklists

The Upload Blacklists tab allows you to upload CSV files containing multiple Usernames, or Keywords, that you’d like to block. Simply create a CSV file with all of the usernames (or keywords) you'd like blocked, and then click "Upload Username CSV" (or "Upload Keyword CSV" if blocking keywords):


Additionally, you can easily block posts with inappropriate content by enabling our pre-built vulgar words list. Click the Upload Blacklists tab, then select Keywords, and then select the checkbox:


Image Filter

Our new image recognition software automatically detects and removes inappropriate content before it ever reaches your TINT. Click here for more information on the feature. To enable the feature, simply select the slider next to Adult Content Filter:


If you run into any issues with using Auto Moderation please don’t hesitate to contact Technical Support at

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