Mobile Moderation App

The TINT Mobile App for iOS or Android allows for quick on-the-fly approval and rejection of posts to your Private/Public queues. This is particularly useful when running a live event, or maintaining a TINT when you’re on the road and access to a full laptop/desktop computer might be limited.

You can download the TINT iOS mobile App by clicking here.

You can download the TINT Android App by clicking here.

Selecting a TINT - Once you log in click the settings icon on the upper left-hand side of the screen to view a list of your TINTs. Click any TINT to starting moderating:

Approving Content - To move content from your Private Posts queue to your Public Posts queue (and your public-facing TINT) click the Private tab. Then, swipe left to approve the post:

Removing Content - To remove content from your public-facing TINT (move a post from your Public Posts queue to your Private Posts queue) click the Public tab. Then, swipe right to remove the post:

Deleting Content - To completely delete a post from your TINT click the Private tab, and then swipe right. The post will be permanently deleted from your queue:

Casting to Chromecast - You can also use your mobile device to cast your TINT to Chromecast! After selecting a TINT simply click the cast icon on the upper right-hand side of the screen and select your device:

To stop casting simply click the cast icon again and choose Disconnect:

For more on TINT and Chromecast click here. For more general information on Moderation click here.

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