Advertising Units

TINT Advertising Units are small embeds that can function as dynamic CTAs. Content from your TINT is displayed in a fixed 300x250px widget that can be easily added on any page. If you’re looking to personalize your CTAs consider using Advertising Units to pull in UGC or your own brand content.

Step-By-Step Instructions

1) Navigate to the TINT Editor, click PERSONALIZE, and create a new personalization for your Advertising Unit using the Multiple Personalization Feature (MPF).

For more information on MPF click here.

2) Select the new personalization within the PERSONALIZE panel:


3) Scroll down within the PERSONALIZE panel, and select "300px x 250px" under ADVERTISING UNITS:


4) You’re now viewing the Advertising Unit as it will appear on your site. To add a Banner click "+BANNER" on the right-hand side of the page. To add a CTA button click "+CTA":

For more information on CTA buttons click here.

5) After adding a Banner and CTA button your Advertising Unit is ready to be embedded:

If you’re new to embedding TINT click here for more information.

If you run into any issues creating Advertising Units please don’t hesitate to contact Technical Support at 



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