Exporting Posts via CSV

In addition to the Analytics that we provide you can request a report of every post that has passed through your TINT. This can come in handy if you’re wanting to run additional analytics after a you’ve completed a hashtag campaign, or if you’re trying to pick a contest winner. The report is sent as a CSV file, and contains detailed information about each post (e.g. the post’s URL, title, date, author name).

In order to export a CSV file simply log in to the TINT Dashboard, click the "cog" icon on the right-hand side of the desired TINT, and then click "Export Posts to CSV":

You’ll receive a notification that the CSV file has been emailed to you. Please note that due to the large volume of data that is associated with some TINTs it may take several hours before you actually receive your CSV file.

Reading the CSV File

The CSV file displays the following information about your posts:

  • url - the URL where the post lives online
  • image - the exact URL of the post’s image
  • title - text from the "title" field of a post (only for certain networks)
  • comments - text from the "description" (not to be confused with additional user comments/responses) field of a post
  • author name - the post author’s name
  • author image - the URL of the poster’s profile image/avatar
  • author username - the post author’s username (if different than their listed name)
  • author profile - the main URL of the author’s profile/account
  • network - the social network where the post originated
  • visibility - whether the post is public or private on the TINT (appears as approved or private in the CSV file)
  • date - the timestamp of the post as it was indexed by our database
  • tags - any Tags that were applied to the post (for more information click here)

Click the attachment below to view an example of a CSV file.

Additional Information

If you have made a request for the CSV file, but you still aren’t seeing an email from us, please check any spam or promotional folders set up for your inbox. On occasion these emails may be identified as spam.

If you are unable to find your report you can always email Technical Support at support@tintup.com and we’d be happy to assist you with retrieving your report.

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