Using the TINT Dashboard

The TINT Dashboard is where you can view and manage your TINTs, Analytics, InsTINT Updates, TINTmix, Collaborators, Settings, and Payment. There’s a lot you can do in the Dashboard, so let’s get started!


The default Dashboard view shows the TINTs tab. TINTs appear in separate rows and are listed in order by date created (oldest on top). A typical view looks like this:

Usage Statistics - For embedded TINTs, clicking the chevron icon beside a TINT name will display a URL to the page(s) it is embedded on, as well as basic usage statistics:

* Current Viewers and Viewers in Past 24 Hours numbers are calculated in non-unique pageviews *

IN USE indicator - Whenever a TINT is live on a website, or being displayed in a browser tab, the checkmark icon will be active:

Dashboard Actions - The following actions can all be taken directly from the TINTs tab:

View - Clicking the eye icon will open the default personalization for the TINT in a new browser tab

Analytics - Clicking the bar graph icon will open TINT Analytics in a new tab

Cog - Clicking the cog icon reveals additional actions:

Export Posts to CSV - Exports a CSV file showing detailed information on all posts in your TINT. Click here for more information

Cast to Chromecast - Will cast the TINT to a Chromecast on a shared wifi connection. Click here for more information

Duplicate TINT - Will duplicate the personalization settings of your TINT to a new TINT - (but will not duplicate actual content/feeds)

Invite Collaborators - Will open a window to invite a new Collaborator. Click here for more information

Buy InsTINT Updates - Allows you to purchase InsTINT Updates for the TINT. Click here for more information

Delete - Allows you to permanently delete the TINT and all of its data

Accessing the TINT Editor - Clicking "EDIT" launches the TINT Editor, where you can add connections, personalize, and moderate your TINT:

Quick Launch Display Method - Clicking "DISPLAY" let's you quickly display your TINT or generate TINT embed code:

Feed Counts & Turning TINTs On or Off - The FEED COUNT area on the right-hand side of the screen displays the number of connected feeds on a TINT, and also contains a slider control that sets the TINT Active or Inactive (on or off):

You can also view a total of all Active and Inactive feeds across all of your TINTs on the top of the page:

Basic actions like purchasing InsTINT Updates or creating TINTs is also done through the TINT Dashboard:

InsTINT Updates

If you have InsTINT Updates scheduled for a TINT a black banner will be displayed with a countdown to when your updates will start, and a yellow icon will appear beside the TINT with scheduled updates:

When InsTINT Updates have started the banner will become green, as will the icon in the Dashboard:

For more information on InsTINT Updates click here.

TINTmix Tab

You can create, update, and display TINTmix through the TINTmix tab. For more information on TINTmix click here.

Collaborators Tab

You can manage user accounts and permissions through the Collaborators tab. To learn more about using Collaborators click here.

Settings Tab

The Settings tab allows you to change the email address associated with your account, and change your account password. You may also enable experimental themes and features in TINTlabs.

Payment Tab

The Payment tab allows you to update your billing information, change your plan type, view past and upcoming invoices, and request cancellation. For more on payment click here.

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