Using TINT Dashboards & Settings

Dashboards are where you can view and manage everything for your account. There is a separate Dashboard for managing TINTs, InsTINT UpdatesTINTmix (if available), Collaborator accounts, and Marketing Integrations.

Dashboards can be selected on the upper right-hand side of your account after logging in:


TINTs Dashboard

The default Dashboard view shows all of the TINTs you have access to. For account owners this will be every TINT on your account. TINTs appear in separate rows and are listed in order by date created (oldest on top). Active TINTs appear on the top, and Inactive TINTs appear below those.

Here's a view of an account with two TINTs. We'll break down everything on the page for you here:


1) Connection Counts - You can view how many available connections you have here. For more information on connections and feed counts please click here.

2) InsTINT Updates - You can purchase new InsTINT Updates by clicking this button.

3) Add a TINT - You can create new TINTs by clicking this button.

4) TINTs & Usage Statistics - All existing TINTs are found here. For embedded TINTs, clicking on a TINT name will show basic usage statistics if available:

Please note that Current Viewers and Viewers in Past 24 Hours numbers are calculated in non-unique pageviews.


5) Analytics - For TINTs with analytics enabled, a quick link to view analytics. If analytics are enabled the icon will appear active.

6) More Options - The cog icon allows you to take the following actions:

      View - A quick link to view your TINT. If you are using our Multiple Personalization Feature,          the view button will direct you to the first personalization.

Export Posts to CSV - Generates a CSV file with detailed information on all posts in your TINT.

Cast to Chromecast - Will cast the TINT to a Chromecast on a shared wifi connection.

Activate/Deactivate TINT - Will turn the TINT on or off

Duplicate TINT - Will duplicate the personalization settings of your TINT to a new TINT (but will not duplicate actual content/feeds)

Invite Collaborators - Will open a window to invite a new Collaborator.

Buy InsTINT Updates - Allows you to purchase InsTINT Updates for the TINT.

Delete - Allows you to permanently delete the TINT and all of its data.

7) Edit - Clicking "EDIT" launches the TINT Editor, where you can add connections, personalize, and moderate your TINT.

InsTINT Updates Dashboard

Here you can view details on any Active, Scheduled, and Finished InsTINT Updates:


For more information on InsTINT Updates click here.

TINTmix Dashboard

Here you can create, update, and display TINTmix. For more information on TINTmix click here.


Collaborators Dashboard

Here you can manage user accounts and permissions:


To learn more about using Collaborators click here.

Additional Account Settings and Information are also available by hovering over your username:


Settings Page

The Settings page allows you to update your email address, change your password, and enable beta features in TINTlabs. For Performance Annual and Enterprise customers, you may also Generate an API Key, or retrieve an existing key, here:


Payment Page

The Payment page allows you to update your billing information, change your plan type, view past and upcoming invoices, and request cancellation:

Screen_Shot_2017-11-27_at_3.23.01_PM.pngFor more on payment click here.

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