TINT Analytics gives you insight into the performance of your hashtag campaign, social hub, or event display. Determine your campaign’s ROI with data pulled directly from your connected social networks.

Please view this introductory video on using Analytics, or read the Step-By-Step Instructions below:

Step-By-Step Instructions:

1) Make sure that you have the correct feeds connected to your TINT. Once we start collecting analytics on your TINT we will capture analytics for all connected feeds (even if you delete them afterwards)

2) In the TINT Editor click "ADVANCED", then click "Enable":

3) In the pop-up that appears select "Got it, activate my analytics!":

4) To proceed to viewing your TINT's analytics, click the "Use It" button in the ADVANCED panel:

Analytics are divided into two sections - Impact Analytics and Engagement Analytics. Let’s begin by taking a look at the dashboard for Impact Analytics.

Impact Analytics

By default Impact Analytics show you a result of the previous week’s activity across all feeds. This data can be further sorted by specific feed and by date range. These selections can be made via dropdown menus just above the graph:

Total Impressions is the total number of times users have seen the campaign. It is calculated by multiplying the number of followers a user has, by the numbers of posts they have made. At this time this data is only available through Twitter connections. Hover over the information icon beside the other statistics for more information on Total Posts, Posts Approved, Posts Unapproved, and Posts Rejected.

The Posts graph displays what the most active dates were for your connections. Posts By Network will show you a pie chart breakdown of posts per social network:


Influential Contributors displays a list of contributing users ranked by total followers (at this time this data is only compiled from Twitter users). Outspoken Contributors displays a list of contributing users ranked by number of posts:


Posts By Location displays a map of posts by country and city (note that this data is only compiled if users enable and use geotagging on their posts):


Note: Due to recent Instagram API changes, we are unable to get follower data, resulting in 0 impressions for all Instagram connections.

Engagement Analytics

As with Impact Analytics the default view for Engagement Analytics shows you a result of the previous week’s activity across all feeds. Please note, Engagement Analytics will not pull any data if you're using an API implementation. The HTML embed implementation will pull analytics as anticipated. This data can be further sorted by by date range:

Visitors is the number of times the TINT has been loaded (non-unique and not feed-specific). As such, please note that Engagement Analytics are only accurate for TINTs that have been embedded - not those solely used for display purposes. Total Clickthroughs is the total number of times posts have been clicked on within the TINT. Total Scrolldowns is the total number of times a user has scrolled down within a TINT to view more posts.

Top Clicked Posts displays posts ranked by the number of times they were clicked on in the TINT. You can view the number of clicks on the right-hand side, and click the "eye" icon to view the post itself:


Top Clicked CTA’s displays posts with Call To Action (CTA) buttons ranked by the number of times the CTA was clicked:


For more information on CTA buttons click here.

Additional Analytics

If our TINT Analytics aren’t quite robust enough you can always export a CSV file of every post that has passed through your TINT. If you’re running analytics on a different platform, trying to identify a winner for a contest, or just want that raw data, simply export the CSV file and it will be sent to the account owner.

For more information on exporting posts via CSV click here.

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