Moderation gives you the ability to review and approve content before it appears on your public-facing TINT. This feature is essential when using hashtag connections and other public channels where you might not always get appropriate content.

With Moderation enabled on a connection new content will always enter the Private queue. From there they need to be made visible in the CONTENT panel of the TINT Editor at, or via the TINT mobile App for iOS or Android.

Enabling Moderation

You can enable Moderation on new connections by selecting "Manually approve posts before making them public." before clicking "+Add":

If you want to add or remove Moderation on an existing connection you can click the Lock icon beside the feed in the CONTENT YOU'VE ADDED section:

Moderating Posts

Within the CONTENT panel you’ll notice that posts are divided into three sections: All Posts, ✓Public, and Private. ✓Public posts are seen on your TINT, whereas Private posts are only viewable in the TINT Editor. Selecting All Posts shows you every post, regardless of whether it is public or private.

You can easily toggle between these views at any time by clicking the buttons at the top of the page:

To make a post visible on your TINT click the blue + button on the upper right-hand side of any post. This will move it from the Private queue to the Public queue:

To remove a post from your public-facing TINT you can simply click the green checkmark icon to set it back to the Private queue:

Additional Features in the Moderation Panel

There are several other controls in the Moderate panel. These include the Highlight and Pin To Top settings, the ability to add Tags and CTA buttons to posts, and options to Edit post content, Delete posts permanently from your TINT, and to Block Users.

The Pin To Top setting will move the post you’ve selected to the top of your feed. To pin a post click the Thumbtack icon on the top of any post:

The Highlight setting will double the size and width of the post. To highlight a post click the Star icon on the top of any post:

Tags are an advanced feature that can be used to further customize your TINT through the use of Keyword Filtering. Click the Tag icon above any post to use the feature, and once you’ve tagged a post you’ll see the keyword appear below the post:

For more information on Keyword Filtering and Tags click here.

CTA buttons can be applied to any individual post. To add a CTA to a post click the More Options icon (...) and select Add CTA:

For more information on CTA buttons in TINT click here.

You also have the ability to Edit individual posts. To Edit a post click the More Options icon (...) and select Edit:

For more information on how to edit posts and what you can change click here.

To Delete a post permanently from your TINT click the More Options icon (...) and select Delete:

The Block User function allows you to block all past and future content from any user, provided that you have Automoderation available on your plan. Please note that these blocking rules only work for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Blocked users appear in the Block Username section of the Automoderation panel, so if you made a mistake you can always remove the username there. For more information on Automoderation click here.


 Likes, Comments, Shares


When moderating content you can view the number of likes, shares, and comments a post has. Posts with a high number of likes, shares, and comments are good indicators of engaging content. TINT allows you to view these social signals without having to open a new tab. 

Using the Filter Bar

The Filter Bar allows you to look for specific posts within your TINT based off of a variety of parameters. To access the Filter Bar, navigate to the CONTENT panel in the TINT Editor, and then click the "More Filters" button on the upper right-hand side of the screen:

Moderating Posts on the TINT Mobile App

Downloading the TINT Mobile App for Android or iOS allows for quick on-the-fly approval and rejection of posts to your Private/Public queues. This is particularly useful when running a live event, or maintaining a TINT when you’re on the road and access to a full laptop/desktop computer might be limited. 

For more information on moderating content via the TINT mobile app please click here.

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