Multiple Personalization Feature

The Multiple Personalization Feature (MPF) allows you to create different versions of the same TINT. If you’ve ever had to create a new TINT for a live event simply because an existing web format doesn’t work for you, you’ll get a lot out of this feature.

If you’re new to the Personalize section of the TINT Editor click here for more information. For this example we’ll start with a TINT running Classic theme:

To start using MPF click PERSONALIZE on the left-hand side of the TINT Editor. By default your first TINT setup will be called Personalization 1. Click the drop down and "+dd New" to enter the Personalization Flow:


You’ll be prompted to choose a channel. The channel is where you would like to place your TINT - a website, screen or other (ad-units, Tag-o-war etc.):


Next, choose your layout that you prefer. The layout options are dependent on the channel that you choose. For example websites support Tile, Slider, Testimonial and Ticker layouts:



Finally name your Personalization so you can identify it later. In this example we’ll name it "My Website". Click "Get Started" to save the personalization, and start customizing:



Now that we’ve selected our new personalization we can start making new adjustments. You can make any changes you want to any attribute in the Personalize section without altering the settings of your original TINT. While our first personalization is running Classic, let’s change this personalization to run Grid Theme:


We now have two unique visualizations running off of the same TINT!

Displaying and Embedding with MPF

Arguably the best part about MPF is that each personalization receives a unique URL for running display mode, or receives unique embed code when being used on the web. If you’re new to displaying your TINT click here. If you’re new to embedding your TINT click here.

When displaying your TINT you’ll now see an option to select which MPF to use. Simply select the personalization from the drop-down and then click "Trigger full-screen Mode":


When you’re generating embed code for a website you’ll be provided with the same flexibility. Simply select the personalization from the drop-down and then click "Generate":

If you run into any issues regarding MPF feel free to email Technical Support at

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