InsTINT Updates

Purchasing InsTINT Updates enables near real-time updates (30sec - 1min) for all of the social connections on your TINT. Having your TINT update so quickly is a huge boost to user engagement at any Event, Contest, or any public-facing display or website. Contributors can post content and seconds later watch their posts go live on the big screen.

Here’s a few examples of InsTINT Updates powering Events, Contests, and Retail Displays.

Purchasing Instructions

1) Log in to to view the TINT Dashboard. Then, click the "insTINT Updates" button:

2) You’ll now be presented with a pop-up dialog box. Select the TINT that you’d like to buy InsTINT updates for on the upper left-hand side of the screen. Pick your Time Zone, Start and End times, and then click "Purchase":

Please note that charges will be applied to the credit card we currently have on file for you. If you’d like to have the charges applied to a different credit card, you can click "Pay with a different card?", and fill out the relevant billing information:

Viewing your InsTINT Updates

After the purchase has been completed you’ll be notified of the successful charge, emailed a receipt, and redirected back to the TINT Dashboard. In the Dashboard Active InsTINT Updates are indicated by a Green icon beside the TINT. Scheduled InsTINT Updates are indicated by a Yellow icon:

You can view additional details about your InsTINT Update purchases, such as start and end times, by clicking the "InsTINT Updates" tab:

Testing InsTINT Updates

For TINTs with Scheduled updates, you can test your near real-time updates before your specified start time. To do so, enter the TINT Editor for the TINT with scheduled updates, and within the CONTENT panel, click the "Test InsTINT Updates" button:

Once you initiate a test, realtime updates will last for 5 minutes. You may test InsTINT Updates a maximum of three times per day, for every day leading up to your event.

Additional Information

  • Discounts are available on bulk purchases of InsTINT Updates. If you’re interested on purchasing five or more InsTINT Updates at once please contact our Happiness Team at
  • If you’re not a monthly TINT subscriber you can still get near real-time updates by purchasing an Event Plan. For more information on our Event Plan click here.
  • If you’re new to setting up for a live event please click here for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding InsTINT Updates please don’t hesitate to contact our Technical Support team at

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