Archive Plan

The TINT Archive Plan is only available to Monthly subscribers (no Event or Annual plans). As an active subscriber you have the option to archive your plan whenever you like. By archiving your plan you receive a 50% discount on your subscription cost.

When electing to archive the effect is immediate and your monthly invoice will be prorated accordingly. Any applied coupons will carry over to the new archive subscription. One time, or plan-specific, coupons will not carry over.

To archive your plan simply click the "Payment" tab in the TINT Dashboard, and then select “Archive Your Plan”

Archive Plan Specifications

  • No access to the TINT Editor (e.g. moderation, personalization, etc.)
  • No updates on connections (no new posts)
  • Analytics can still be viewed
  • Access to View TINTs remains
  • Access to Delete TINTs remains

Once archived you may go back to your plan at any time. Just like when you choose to archive the effect is immediate, and your monthly invoice will be prorated accordingly.

If you have any questions regarding the Archive Plan and how it could work for you please contact our Customer Success Team at

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