Pagination & Advanced Embed Options

Clicking "Advanced Options" when generating the embed code for your TINT will allow you further customize the look and feel of your TINT. If you’re new to generating embed code in the TINT Editor please click here for more information.


The "Display Type" lets you choose the way that you want TINT paginates (loads more posts). There are three types that you can choose from:

  • Infinite Scroll is the default TINT Display Type. Selecting Infinite Scroll will make more posts load automatically as you scroll down:

  • Click For More creates a button that users need to click before more content loads on your page:

  • Page by Page allows a fixed number of posts to be shown, with buttons to navigate from page to page. You can select the "# of Posts per Page" in the TINT Editor:

You can also remove the Page buttons entirely in order to set a hard limitation to posts that your audience can view online.

You can also specify a fixed # of Columns to be displayed: 


Selecting a Default Network allows you to display content from a specific social network by default - rather than the typical aggregated TINT feed that displays all of your connected accounts. For more information click here.


Selecting a Default Keyword will allow you to only display posts that you have added a Tag to in the CONTENT panel of the TINT Editor. For more information on Keyword Filtering please click here.

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