Connections and Feed Counts

If you’re new to TINT and have viewed our pricing page you may be wondering what a connection is. A connection (or feed) is any stream that you add from any of our supported social networks. Examples include:

  • A Twitter Account
  • An Instagram hashtag
  • A Facebook Page
  • A Pinterest Board
  • A LinkedIn Company Page

Whenever you add a connection to your TINT it will count against the total allowed on your current plan level. The maximum number of of social connections allowed per plan level is:

  • Enterprise - Unlimited Connections
  • Performance - 25 Connections
  • Starter - 12 Connections

Additionally, our basic plan allows for three feeds. You can sign up for our basic plan by clicking the "Free Trial" button on the upper right-hand side of the main page at

Note that this limitation is on the number of connections you have - not the number of TINTs you have. We don't limit the number of TINTs you can create on an account.

Feed Counts

Within the TINT Dashboard you can view the Feed Count for each TINT you’ve created:

If the TINT is turned on, then the feed count will be applied to the Active number you see at the top of the Dashboard:

If the TINT is turned off, then the feed count will be applied to the Inactive number:

Worth noting is that there is a maximum for not only Active connections, but also Inactive connections. If you’re having trouble toggling a TINT on or off take a look at these numbers to make sure that you’re not exceeding your maximums; you might need to remove some connections from your TINT(s) before proceeding.

Getting More Connections

If you ever need to get more connections you can upgrade to another plan by clicking "Upgrade Now!" on the top banner of the TINT Dashboard. If you have any questions regarding pricing or upgrading please feel free to contact our Happiness Team at for more information.

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