Setting a Default Network for your TINT Embed

Any embedded TINT can load a specific social network instead of loading the typical aggregated display that comprises all of the connections on the TINT. If you're noticing a lot of duplicate posts appearing in your aggregated feed (due to users sharing the same content across multiple channels) you can avoid them from appearing on your TINT by selecting a Default Network when generating your TINT embed code.

If you're new to generating embed code for your TINT please click here for more information.

In order to select the default social network click "Display" in the TINT Editor of the specific TINT you will be embedding, click “Web Embed”, select your platform (typically HTML), and then click "Advanced Options". From there you may select the Default Network of your choice.*

With a Default Network enabled your visitors will now see only see Twitter content until they click on another channel in your TINT embed.

*Please note that at this time only Twitter and Instagram can be chosen as Default Networks.

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