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The Public Posting feature allows users to create and upload content directly to any TINT, without needing to post publicly from a social network. With the feature enabled users simply fill out a form (much like the form for Custom Posts), and their submissions are directly added to your TINT. From there you can approve or reject the content just like any other post.

Enabling Public Posting on a TINT

1) Public Posting works just like any other feed on your TINT (if you’re new to creating a TINT and adding content click here for more information). Simply enter the TINT Editor, select the CONTENT panel, and then click the "Public Posting" icon:

2) Select People who post to your TINT must provide their email address if you’d like to receive email addresses for users that upload content. You can also select whether you’d like to Manually approve posts before making them public or not. Then, click the "+ Add" button to proceed:


When viewing the PERSONALIZE panel, or your public-facing TINT, you’ll notice that a new button is now visible:

Posting Content via the "+ Add a post" button

After embedding your TINT visitors to your page can click the "+ Add a post" button to upload their own content. They can select to upload a post image or video via the "Choose a post image or video" button, enter post text in the description field, upload an AUTHOR PHOTO by clicking the "+" button, add an AUTHOR NAME, and input their AUTHOR EMAIL (if the option was selected when you added the connection):

After clicking "+Add" the user will see the post added to the TINT. However, if you have moderation enabled for the connection it will not be visible to others until you approve the post.

Moderating Public Postings

You can moderate Public Postings just like you would any other post. Simply click the "public posting" connection on the left-hand side of the CONTENT panel to view your posts. Then, click the "+" button to make the post public:


Retrieving Email Addresses from Public Postings

If you have Require Author Email Field enabled you can find out who is posting to your TINT through a CSV export. For more information on how to export your posts via CSV file click here.

Once you’ve opened the CSV file search for rows where the network is public_post. There will be an entry for author email:


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Public Add a Post please don’t hesitate to contact Technical Support at

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