UGC Rights

Our UGC Rights feature allows you to get the legal rights to any UGC (user-generated content) with just a few clicks! After rights are granted by the post author you can download the image directly within TINT.

Turn the world of UGC into your own marketing collateral by obtaining the legal rights to beautiful, authentic images of your brand - minutes after they are posted to social media.


  • Currently, UGC Rights is only available with Instagram.
  • UGC Rights is a standard feature for all Performance and Enterprise customers. If you're interested in using UGC Rights but aren't on one of these plans, please contact our Happiness Team at
  • Performance Plan is restricted to 100 requests per month. Enterprise Plan has no restriction.
  • The comments posted on Instagram have be genuine and authentic. If you duplicate your messaging too often Instagram will identify your requests as spam and disable the comments.

Step-By-Step Instructions

1) Within the TINT Editor click the CONTENT panel. Find the Instagram photo you’d like to request rights for, and click the More Options button (...) above the post. Then, select "Get Rights".

2) Customize the "Message", "Terms and Conditions", and "Brand Logo" fields before sending the request to the Instagram user, and then click "SEND REQUEST":


3) Afterwards, you’ll see a banner notification verifying that the request was sent. However, we only send Rights requests to Instagram once every 75 minutes (to avoid getting rate limited by their API), so if you don’t see your message appear immediately on the post, just check back later:


In the interim, and before the user has replied back with #yes, a "pending rights" notification will appear in the CONTENT panel to remind you that you've already sent a rights request for the post:

4) Wait for the user to reply back with #yes in the comments field on Instagram:


5) Afterwards, the post can be found by using the Filter Bar and selecting " User Rights" under Actions:


Posts where rights have been granted will be indicated by a "✓ rights approved!" notification:


6) Finally, you can download the image by clicking the More Options button (...), and then selecting "Download Image":


Your brand now has the rights to use this image in any of their marketing materials! If you have any questions or concerns regarding UGC Rights please contact our Happiness Team at

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