UGC Rights

Our UGC Rights feature allows you to get the legal rights to any UGC (user-generated content) with just a few clicks! After rights are granted by the post author you can download the image directly within TINT.

Turn the world of UGC into your own marketing collateral by obtaining the legal rights to beautiful, authentic images of your brand - minutes after they are posted to social media.


  • The Message comments posted on Instagram have be genuine and authentic. ***If you duplicate your messaging too often Instagram will identify your requests as spam and disable the comments***
  • Currently, UGC Rights is only available with Instagram and Twitter
  • UGC Rights is a standard feature for all Performance and Enterprise customers. If you're interested in using UGC Rights but aren't on one of these plans please contact
  • Performance Plan is restricted to 100 requests per month. Enterprise Plan has no restriction.

Sending a UGC Rights Request

1) Within the TINT Editor click the CONTENT panel. Find the Instagram photo you’d like to request rights for, and click the Get Rights button Fill_216.png above the post:


2) Customize the Message, Approval HashtagTerms and Conditions, and Brand Logo as you see fit. Make sure that you aren't repeating the same text in each message you send, as Instagram may block your comment from posting.

You may Switch Accounts if you'd like the request to come in from a different Instagram or Twitter account. The UGC Rights requests are sent as comments on Instagram posts, and replies on Tweets.

You can see view a Comment Preview of the comment on the right-hand side of the page. Click SEND REQUEST to initiate the UGC Rights request:


Congratulations! Your rights request has been sent. If you don't see the comment post automatically on Instagram, it's because we send requests in batches once every 75 minutes (to avoid getting rate limited by the APIs of Instagram and Twitter).

Viewing and Retrieving UGC Rights Posts 

All posts that you you have requested rights for can be retrieved using the Filter Bar. Within the CONTENT panel, select More Filters on the upper right-hand side of the page:


Then, select the Fill_216.png User Rights button:


There are three states in which a UGC Rights post can exist: Error, Pending, and Approved


1) Errors can occur for varying reasons, but will be retried with the next batch request. If you see a post that remain in an Error state for longer than 24 hours please contact

2) Pending posts have successfully posted to Instagram as a comment, but the post author has not commented back with your Approval Hashtag. Posts can remain Pending indefinitely, until the original post author replies back with their approval.

3) Granted posts have cleared the approval process! Your brand now has the rights to use this image in any of their marketing materials! Try using one of our Marketing Integrations to automatically post images to tools like Hubspot and Marketo, or, download the image directly.

To download the image select the More Options button (...) above the post and then select Download Image:


If you have any questions regarding our UGC Rights feature, or encounter any issues while using the feature, please contact Technical Support at

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