WeChat (微信, Wēixìn) Implementation

WeChat (微信, Wēixìn) is a text and voice messaging communication service commonly used in China and many other Asian countries. Businesses and organizations can set up WeChat Official Accounts to use a number of features designed to help brands communicate directly with customers and manage their online presence.

With TINT’s WeChat integration, you can moderate any messages, images or videos your customers send to your WeChat account and display them on your TINTs in real-time! Please take the following steps to set up your connection:

1) Navigate to https://mp.weixin.qq.com/cgi-bin/loginpage and Log In with your WeChat Developer account

Note: You must already have a WeChat Official Account established. This guide does not cover Official Account registration and setup.

2) Scroll down to the Developer (开发) section on the left side bar and click “Basic Configuration” (基本配置):

3) In the Basic Configuration page take note of your AppID (应用ID) and Secret Key (应用密钥). You may have to click on 显示密钥 to reveal your Secret Key:

4) In the TINT Editor, under Content, in the Networks tab, click on the WeChat/Weixin icon to add a new WeChat connection.

Copy and paste both the AppID and Secret Key into the correct fields and submit:

5) Take note of the URL and token you are presented in the TINT Editor:

6) Return to Basic Configuration in WeChat and click “Modify Configuration” (修改配置)

7) Enter the URL and token you received in the TINT Editor, and then click “Submit” (提交).  After a moment, a green success message should flash at the top of the screen:

8) You’re all set! When users message your account messages and photos will be displayed in the TINT:

If you run into any issues setting up WeChat integration please don’t hesitate to contact Technical Support at support@tintup.com.

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