Access Tokens and Authentication

In order to add most connections in TINT we require a secure account authentication process. This is why when you add a connection you are prompted to enter login credentials for the social network (e.g. you need to sign in to Twitter before adding a Twitter account).

Entering your login credentials passes along an access token for us to store. Access tokens contain security credentials for the login session, and identify the user.

As an additional security measure some social networks set an expiration date for their access tokens. This includes the social network LinkedIn, which issues tokens that expire after a 60 day lifespan. Click here for more information.

Access tokens can also expire as the result of new privacy restrictions, such as a password change (e.g. if you change your Facebook password your previous token will usually be rejected).

Whenever an access token expires we will no longer be able to get updates for your social connections. That being said, when an access token expires you’ll always be notified via email to log in and re-authenticate the account. Simply log in to the TINT Editor, find the connection with the expired token, and click the red exclamation point button to re-authenticate.

For more information on access tokens feel free to read more from the API documentation of the social networks themselves: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

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