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Uploading Custom Posts allows you to add content to your TINT that doesn’t exist on any social network. This is a great way to feature your brand or sponsor on a TINT without having to make changes to your social media channels.

Creating a Custom Post

In order to add a Custom Post select your TINT to enter the TINT Editor. Click the CONTENT panel on the left-hand side of the screen, then the "Custom Posts" tab, and then click "+ Add Post":

You’ll now be presented with the Custom Post dialog box. You can upload an image, video, or link to an image already up on the web by clicking "Choose a post image or video". Enter the desired text for your post in the "description" field. You can also upload an AUTHOR PHOTO by clicking the "+" button, and can give your author a name by filling out the AUTHOR NAME field. If you’d like to have the post link to a certain webpage you may enter a URL in the LINK POST TO field:

Adding CTAs to Custom Posts

You can also personalize your Custom Post by creating a CTA BUTTON. Just Click "+ CTA BUTTON" and fill out the form:

For more on CTAs click here.

Recurring Options

Perhaps the most useful feature of Custom Posts is the ability to have them appear at set intervals on your TINT. This feature comes standard with our Premium Event, Performance, and Enterprise plans.

By clicking "+ RECURRING OPTIONS" you can choose to have the post re-appear A Little (once every 10 posts), A Lot (every 5 posts), or at any other specific set value of your choosing. You can also select an offset for when the post will first appear by entering an offset value (must be at least 1) in START RECUR AFTER:


Worth noting is that recurring Custom Posts won’t show up multiple times in the CONTENT panel (but they will in the PERSONALIZE panel, and on your public TINT). Instead, a circular arrows icon will replace the Pin To Top icon above the post. If you hover over the icon you can view the post’s offset and recur values:

Advanced Options

Clicking "+ ADVANCED OPTIONS" allows you to customize the post with Tags. For more information on Tags click here.

You can also change how the Custom Post will function when clicked on. The first, and default, behavior will make the post appear in the standard pop-up window. The second option bypasses the pop-up window and redirects the user to the URL you provided in a new browser tab:

Managing Custom Posts

After you’ve added a Custom Post you can view it back in the "Custom Posts" tab within the CONTENT panel of the TINT Editor. To make changes to the post click the "cog" icon and then "edit". To delete the Custom Post entirely click the "cog" icon and then "remove":

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Custom Posts please don’t hesitate to let us know at

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