Which Event Plan to Choose

Have a 3 day event and you don't want to purchase a whole month subscription? Not a problem. That's what the event plan is for!

TINT Event Plans are fully self-serve, meaning that implementation is SO easy, you never even have to talk to us.

Based on the needs of your event, you'll be able to decide between 2 options for your TINT use: Premium Event and Basic Event.

How do you decide?

There are a few differences and similarities pointed out below so you can most easily make your decision.  Based on your needs and the features included in each plan, it will be easy to decide which option fits your event.


  • InsTINT updates (meaning the fastest update times possible for each network).
  • Unlimited set up time in "Inactive Mode"
  • 24 hours of use in "Active Mode"
  • Neither include on-site technical support

The Premium Event includes the following, while the Basic Event does not include:

  • TINT Mix - For including advertiser/sponsored content
  • 25 Connections (Basic gets 12).  A Connection is any unique social feed you pull in. An example of a connection is hashtag on Twitter. Please note: If an identical hashtag is pulled from two different network, it is counted as two separate connections. Also, if two feeds are pulled from the same network, that would also be counted as two separate Connections. 
  • Advanced Moderation (Basic gets Basic Moderation).  Advanced moderation refers to keyword filtering and blocking users.
  • Implementation session - includes a 30 minute sessions with a TINT rep to discuss your event and help make sure your questions are answered in regards to set-up.

Now that you know which one to choose, check out how to Sign Up for: Basic Event Plan and Premium Event Plan.

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