Purchasing Events

Do you offer a non-profit discount for the event plan?

We do not offer a non-profit discount for the event plan. We do offer a 25% non-profit discount for our monthly and annual plans.

When should I purchase the Event Plan?

We recommend you purchase your event plan at least one week before the start of your event.  Although you can set up TINT in 10 minutes, we want you to have enough time to test and make sure your TINT and content are perfect.

If I pay now, when can I set-up my TINT?

Once paid, you’ll be able to start setting up your TINT immediately.  You will be in our “inactive” pre-event environment.  But, on the day of your event, your TINT will automatically "go live" and remove the watermark. 

How do I get a receipt?

You should receive an email receipt once the purchase is made.  If you can't find it, you'll see your receipt in the Payments tab of your TINT Dashboard.

Can I get invoiced?

TINT requires event purchases to be made via credit card.

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