Annual Event Plan Pricing and Overview

Don’t let your content die!  TINT created the Annual Event Plan so your event content can stay alive and displayed throughout the year.

Don’t let your content go to waste after your event is over.  Keep it embedded on your website to get more engagement and encourage more registrations next year.

What does the Annual Event Plan include?

  • Ability to pull in new content during scheduled event days
  • 12 month access to display past content
  • 3 Event Days (Additional event days $100/day)
  • Ability to display the content for an entire year

When does the content update?

Content within your Annual Event Plan will only update with new content during the times that your event days are scheduled.  

After your event is over, the content will still be visible in your account, but no new content will be aggregated.  This means that you can display the content from your event all year.  More time with your content, means more value that you can extract.

Annual Event Plan pricing


How to Purchase

Contact  Mention the # of days that you run events during the year.

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