Mailchimp + TINT App Integration

Mailchimp users, welcome! We've built a seamless integration with Mailchimp to allow users to  send user rights approved images from TINT into Mailchimp's media library. The power of monitoring and displaying social content is consolidated into one workflow so you can focus on making deeper relationships within your community.

Activating your Mailchimp Integration

To activate your Mailchimp integration, you will need to log into your TINT account and navigate to the Marketing Integrations dashboard. From there, you will click to activate the Mailchimp integration where you will then be asked to sign into your Mailchimp account:mailchimp1.png

Congrats! Your accounts have been integrated!

Finding your TINT UGC Content in Mailchimp

After you have requested UGC Rights, all approved content will show up in the Content Manager. To access the Content Manager, you will click on Templates > Content Manager. This UGC can be used in marketing newsletters, forms, or even in landing pages built with the MailChimp platform.

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