UGC Rights Spam Detection

Though Instagram is an amazing community for content creators and the people that love that content, the network has become increasingly protective. Using TINT’s UGC Rights feature you acquire expanded access to Instagram content and keep your legal department happy (download our ebook about keeping your legal team happy). TINT ensures that you acquire rights within Instagram guidelines, but a major increase in bot-powered violations resulted in Instagram adding protections. These protections have caused an increased failure rate for many legitimate comments (e.g. TINT rights requests).

As part of a multi-part effort to improve our rights acquisition features, we have developed a spam detection system that analyzes past messages. The system looks for trends in the language and timing of blocked or failed comments to detect whether or not your comment is likely to get through Instagram’s filters. We have set the filter at a high threshold, which means we are likely to get 99% of your comments to post properly, but you may need to edit your message a few times. An error will prevent you from posting until you have a message that is unique and likely to get through our spam detector.

NOTE: the spam detector is a beta feature that is NOT enabled by default. If you would like to have the feature enabled please contact

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