Notifications Icon

Notifications Icon exists on the TINT Dashboard that will provide you with timely information regarding updates to your account. The icon appears just to the right of your username on the top banner:


Clicking the Notifications Icon will reveal a dropdown of updates since you've last logged in. There are three types of updates:

New Posts


The New Posts update will let you know when new posts have been added to your Private queue. This is useful for tracking which TINTs need moderation.

Influential Posts

The Influential Posts update will let you know when a post made by an Influential Contributor has been added to your TINT:


Influential Contributors is a ranking of the posters with the top follower counts on every TINT with Analytics enabled. For more information on Influential Contributors and Analytics please click here.

Expired Access Tokens

An access token update means that your immediate action is required, or you'll no longer receive updates for an affected connection:


You will also be notified by email whenever a token expires. For more information on access tokens, and how to re-authenticate a connection please click here.

If you have any questions regarding the Notifications Icon please don't hesitate to contact Technical Support at

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