Using the Filter Bar

Please watch this quick video on recent updates to the CONTENT panel, and how to use the Filter Bar (at 3:30 in), or check out the complete documentation below:

 The Filter Bar allows you to look for specific posts within your TINT based off of a variety of parameters. To access the Filter Bar, navigate to the CONTENT panel in the TINT Editor, and then click the "More Filters" button on the upper right-hand side of the screen:

Filtering by Date

If you'd like to search for posts within a specific timeframe, click the Dates field, and then select your date range. You can use a preset like "Last 7 Days", or you can input your own dates in the FROM and TO fields. Click the "Apply" button to filter your results:

Filtering by Network

You can search for posts on specific connections by making selections in the Networks section. You may combine feeds by making multiple selections, as we have done here with the two Instagram connections on a TINT:

Outside of the Filter Bar, you can also moderate posts for a specific feed by clicking the connection itself, under the CONTENT YOU'VE ADDED section of the CONTENT panel:


Filtering by Actions

If you use the features UGC Rights, Pin To Top, or Highlight, you can search for those posts by making selections in the Actions section:

Filtering by Followers

If you're looking for posts made from accounts that have a large number of followers, select the dropdown in the Followers section, and select the desired threshold. For example, if you select "> 50,000" from the menu, you'll only see posts from accounts that have a minimum of 50,000 followers:


Filtering by Language

If you're looking for posts in a particular language, select the desired language(s) to filter the posts. For example, if you select "English" from the menu, you'll only see posts that are predominantly in English. The languages that are on the posts are automatically detected and added to the available options. We are looking for over 100 languages so most any language should appear on the list. To see it in action watch our quick tutorial video:


Filtering by Tags

Tagging is an easy way to catalog your content. If you’re a retailer and want to organize and separate photos of shoes from photos of sweatshirts, purses, and hats, tagging can come in handy. TINT now arranges all of your tags in the filter panel, allowing you to easily find your tagged content with a single click.


Filtering by Likes, Comments, Shares

Filtering posts by the number of social interactions is an easy way to find the most engaging content generated by users. Currently, Likes, Comments, and Shares are only retrieved for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 



Clearing Filter Selections and Hiding the Filter Bar

You can easily reset your selections in the Filter Bar by selecting the "Clear Filters" button on the right-hand side of the page. To hide the Filter Bar, select the "Hide Dropdown" button:

NEW! Save Filter for Future Use!

You can now save a particular filter in order to easily find content in the future. For example, easily find all content for a particular connection during a specific time period. To do this, simply add your filter credentials as normal and then select "Save Filter" and give your filter a name. You can add up to five saved filters.


If you have any questions regarding using the Filter Bar please don't hesitate to contact Technical Support at


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  • It's great to see video tutorials with a much updated version of the UI! ...Older videos are hard to keep up with due to previous UI versions they were done with. Thanks!

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  • Hi Andres - thanks for the positive feedback! Our Product Manager Lukas put this video together. We are aware that the existing feature videos show an outdated UI, but hopefully they still provide some value until we get the chance to update them all. :)

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