Customizing the Public Posting Pop-up

Once you have added the Public Posting content source to your TINT, you can customize each field to match your brand's personal style and language. Let's get started!

Button Attributes

Button TextCustomize the text on the add public post button:

Button ColorChange the background color of the button:

Button Text ColorChanges the font color of the button:

Photo and Caption Attributes

Post Image Placeholder - Customize the placeholder text in the image upload box:

Description Placeholder - Customize the placeholder text in the description box


Author Name and Photo Attibutes

Author Image Label - Customize the text accompanying the author image upload button:

Name Label - Customize the name field:

Name Placeholder - Customize the placeholder text within the name field:

Additional Attributes

Email Label - Customize the email field label:

Email Placeholder - Customize the email address placeholder text:

Custom Field Label - Customize the custom field label:

Custom Field Placeholder - Customize the custom field placeholder text:

Title and Button Attributes

Modal Title - Change the title of the Public Posting Pop-up:


Required Text - Customize the *Required text:

Submit Button Text - Customize the button text:

Terms Link Text - Customize the Terms & Conditions link:

Form Error Text - Customize the error message text:

Different Languages

The Public Posting pop up supports all languages. Simply enter or copy your desired text and it will be updated instantly.

If you have any questions about customizing the Public Posting pop-up don't hesitate to contact Technical Support at

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