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Until now, content moderation was only possible at the individual TINT level. Meaning, you open a TINT, add a few feeds, and then moderate. With Global Moderation you can now moderate content from multiple TINTs in one single view!
To get started, head to your 'Settings' tab from your Dashboard.
Next, scroll down to TINTLABS and activate the Global Moderation switch.
Go back to the TINTs tab and you'll see a new button your dashboard called 'Global Moderation'. Before moving onto the next step, note that we have two TINTs in our Dashboard. One is 'sandiego-tint' and the other is 'sanfrancisco-tint'. Each of these TINTs has 1 feed connected, #sandiego and #sanfrancisco respectively.
Now, click on the 'Global Moderation' button to open the global moderation view.
In this view, posts are labeled according to the TINT they are from.
Begin moderating as you would any other TINT.
If you want to select specific feeds from your TINTs you can use the filter options drop-down. For example, if I only want to see content from my #sandiego feed, I'll click on #sandiego from the filter options.
That about sums up global moderation! Note, this feature is still in TINTLABS, meaning that there is still room for improvement as we continue testing and getting feedback from our customers. 
If you have any questions or run into any issues, please e-mail
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